Hartz Science Explorations


“Aaron combines first-rate mountaineering and teaching skills with a significant record of scientific accomplishment. Unlike many mountaineers who support scientific expeditions, Aaron is a scientist. He has firstauthor scientific publications, and a solid grounding in research. He fully understands the difficulties and problems that often arise in making real-world measurements in harsh environments.”

Dr. Benjamin D. Santer

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Aaron Hartz has two Master of Science degrees in scientific research disciplines and extensive field and laboratory experience.  Aaron is experienced with a wide variety of scientific instrumentation, equipment, and sampling procedures.  He is also a professional climbing and ski guide.

Other Credentials:

- AMGA Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide

- AMGA Rock Guide course

​- AMGA Alpine Guide course

- US Avalanche Level 3

- SPRAT Level 1

- Wilderness First Responder